Why Pilates?


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Pilates can change your life.

In fact, it completely changed Susan’s.
After suffering from chronic neck pain, our founder Sooz started doing Pilates, getting hooked when her pain disappeared shortly afterwards. She was so committed to the practice – combined with her background in physiotherapy – that she bought a pilates studio in 2007, which soon became The Body Refinery and today The Body Refinery Online!

If you haven’t tasted the kool-aid for yourself, here’s all the reasons we love Pilates…


Pilates uses your mind as much as your body. The use of your deep core muscles – your abdominals, obliques, pelvic floor, erector spinae and multifidus – means you’ll leave each class feeling connected and strong.

Sure, you can lie on your back and mindlessly circle your legs around in the air, or you can connect to your deep core muscles, which will centre you and make Pilates a mindfulness technique, like meditation.


Breath Control

We breathe in 30,000 times a day, mostly subconsciously. But when we are feeling stressed or anxious, this number increases, with shallower, sharper breaths. Pilates is an exercise in deep, diaphragmatic breath control. Breath out to extend, breath in to return…


After an hour on the reformer, there’s no doubt that Pilates is a form of strength training!
This is why Pilates is so incredible – all those intrinsic muscles buried deep (the ones you didn’t even know existed until you wake up the next morning!) get a workout that an hour on the treadmill doesn’t even come close to.


Lengthening your muscles by stretching and pulsing increases your flexibility, which in turn improves your posture. It’s no wonder dancers love Pilates too!


Improves other exercises

Pilates makes a great cross-training exercise. It will help with anything that needs good alignment and a greater range of motion (so… everything!). Just remember to schedule your classes on alternate days to your other workouts to give your muscles a chance to recover and repair.


So, in other words, why not Pilates?! Whether you’re cross-training or looking for a way to generally improve your health, there’s nothing like a class to start or end your day.


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