Should I lift weights or do Pilates?

Weights or Pilates

Pilates has long been thought of as a female-dominated exercise discipline, and weights training a male-dominated exercise discipline. However, men generally need more elongation of the muscles (which Pilates provides), and ladies could do with more resistance training (which weights provide). For the ultimate exercise routine, combine weights training and Pilates.

Pilates can be done on a mat or using Pilates equipment. Mat Pilates tends to use body weight as resistance, which can be incredibly challenging, especially for men, who tend to have more bulk and limited flexibility. Because men build muscle more easily than women, their muscles are more likely to shorten and become tight also. Pilates can be particularly effective for increasing muscle flexibility and length in men. There are also many pieces of Pilates equipment that utilise springs and pulleys to lengthen the body and allow it to get into positions that would be otherwise impossible on the mat, which helps achieve greater flexibility.

 Weights or Pilates

Lifting weights does not have to be about getting bigger, in fact, resistance training has long been used to build muscle and reduce body fat. Resistance training is no longer only available at traditional gyms. Weights can be added to Pilates training to give the ultimate work out! Adding weights to a Pilates workout is particularly beneficial for women over the age of 30, because resistance training aids in building bone density. Bone density starts to decrease from the age of 30, so adding weights to your Pilates training can help delay or prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

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