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“The Body Refinery’s Postnatal Program has been a fantastic tool to get my body back. After having my fourth child my body really felt very foreign from what I could remember and I had trouble getting in tune with my posture and support when moving. With four children it makes it very hard to get to a Pilates studio as very few offers someone to look after the children while you do your session. The three half-hour session each week were very manageable. The key I found was to decide on a time and no matter all the things I had to do to make sure I had that half hour time for me to focus on me. I highly recommend this program.”
Anna, 37.

testimonials“As a mum of two kids and working in a busy job, I find it so difficult to have it ALL. Balancing what my family needs, going to work, socialising with friends, and every other thing going on is a nightmare. Then, add onto that exercising. But getting involved with The Body Refinery online, I could finally do something for me that lasted longer than a week. I can fit my pilates into the schedule when I could grab a few moments, and I am loving it.”
Amelia, 46.

testimonials“Peace: that is precisely what Pilates with The Body Refinery brings me. While I have always been fit, I always saw going running as a chore to be done. Switching to Pilates, which can still be an intense workout, is where I find peace in my mind and life. When things get tough, I always have the Body Refinery team behind me, who are travelling this journey with me.”
Zara, 26.

testimonial“When I joined The Body Refinery online, I needed something that I could do even when I was away. My job has me travelling all over Australia every week, and even overseas. I couldn’t sign up to a normal studio and gym because I am barely home. But, this online program is exactly what I need because I can do it whenever, and wherever. As for the meal plan, there are not enough good words. It does taste super good, simple to cook, and just makes life easier!”
Clara, 38.



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