Roll Over

Roll Over

The Pilates exercise, Roll Over, strengthens the abdominals while focusing on spinal articulation and control. This exercise moves your body into an inverted position meaning that your pelvis is above your heart. Inversions have many benefits for the body including increasing blood flow to the brain and traction of the spine. Spinal traction reverses the effect of gravity and results in lengthening, and corrective, spinal alignment.

When performing this exercise avoid using momentum to lift the pelvis up off the mat, focus on the deep abdominals and allow the lift to come from the strength of the core stabilising muscles. Once in the inverted position, actively engage through your core and create space between your pelvis and rib cage. The legs should be parallel to the floor. If you have high blood pressure, a spinal injury, a neck injury or poor abdominal control, a modification of this exercise will be necessary. Alternatively, you could do another exercise better suited to your body.

Be sure to ask your instructor to teach you the Roll Over, and to assess if it is a suitable exercise for you. You won’t be able to get enough of it!


Exercise Benefits:

  • Articulate the spine
  • Strengthen abdominals and hip flexors
  • Improve thoracic and lumbar flexion

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