Simple Steps to Super Lunchtime Salads


Salads don’t have to be boring, all it takes is a bit of imagination and simple planning. The key to a making a ‘super’ salad is layering with essential ingredients to ensure it is not only nutritionally balanced but also satisfying and tasty! 


1. Go green!

The foundation of a healthy salad should start with a generous amount of seasonal salad greens. There are so many different kinds of salad greens during every season e.g., baby spinach, rocket, silverbeet, kale, watercress, mangetout, iceberg lettuce etc

2. Add more colour:

Choose plenty of colours and textures to add to your green leaves. There are so many different coloured options to spice up any salad e.g., cherry tomatoes, beetroot, sprouts, carrot ribbons, fennel, asparagus spears, mushrooms, capsicum, corn, roasted pumpkin, beans, snow peas. Vegetables such as fennel are based thinly sliced or shaved.

3. Powerful Protein:

Adding protein to a salad is essential for satiety (fullness), music repair and immune support. Good lean protein choices: steamed chicken, left over roast beef or lamb, tuna, salmon, prawns, eggs, cheese, legumes, tofu.

4. Flavour savour:

Fresh herbs add real flavour to a salad not to mention extra vitamins and minerals. Good combinations = basil with tomato, dill with salmon/tuna, mint and parsley with cucumber, oregano with lamb, coriander with chicken.

5. Dress to impress:

Adding a dressing will add real flavour to your salad and takes only minutes to make! Forget bottled ‘fat-free’ dressings and make a ‘real’ dressing’. Cold pressed olive oil combined with vinegar or lemon juice is simple but delicious. Adding a teaspoon of Dijon mustard will give it a kick! Using acid in meals such as lemon juice or vinegar can actually lower the blood sugar response after a meal. To avoid a salad becoming soggy, set dressing aside and add just before serving.

6. Compliment with a sprinkling of good fats:

Using olive oil in dressings or avocado, seeds or nuts. Not only will this add more flavour but also assists with vitamin/mineral absorption. Seeds and nuts provide good fats, protein and fibre, all good for a healthy heart. 


Try the following lunch time salad Coconut Poached Chicken & Mango Salad 

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