4 Week Postnatal Pilates Program

4 Week Postnatal Pilates Program

The Postnatal Pilates program is specifically designed to help your body recover from the changes it experienced during pregnancy and childbirth. 10 weeks access to the program is provided in order to allow you to progress at your own rhythm.

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4 Week Postnatal Pilates Program
  • Welcome to your Postnatal Program

    Congratulations, we are delighted to have you on board.
    Lydia McTamney (Women's Health physiotherapist) will move you through a series of basic mat Pilates exercises focusing on your abdominals, arms and legs.
    Over a 4 week, period the intensity builds so that you are then ready to return to wh...

  • Week 1 - Abdominals

    This first class is about discovering and reconnecting with your body again after pregnancy. The exercises are designed to provide the appropriate challenge while maintaining safety. The class addresses how to begin to use and restrengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after the stresses...

  • Educational Video - Breathing

  • Week 1 - Arms

    In our first class focusing on the arms, we practise exercises that help stretch out the chest and back and strengthen the postural muscles to help with back pain. It will leave you feeling fabulous!

  • Educational Video - Flat Head

  • Week 1 - Legs

    In this class, we begin to work on the stability of our hips and pelvis by strengthening our gluteals and core whilst also stretching out our legs. Most of the class is lying on the mat in a supported position.

  • Week 2 - Abdominals

    As we start our second week we begin to gradually increase the challenge of the exercises guiding you back to a strong, stable and healthy body. We begin to add gentle progressions which you can choose to try if you feel comfortable doing so.

  • Educational Video - General Exercises

  • Week 2 - Arms

    Challenging the bodies stability provides an extra dimension to this week arms workout. Find the stretch and expansion in your body and enjoy the benefits all day!

  • Educational Video - Mastitis

  • week 2 - Legs

    In this workout you will be able to enjoy a strong leg workout out whilst also mobilising the spine and improving balance. Stabilise using simple movements.

  • Week 3 - Abdominals

    In this third week, we continue to activate our abdominals in a safe way. Enjoy the added progressions if you feel up to it!

  • Educational Video - Rectus Abdominus

  • Week 3 - Arms

    In week 3 we challenge the arms and upper body whilst including squats and standing exercises to increase the challenge of the whole body and improving functional stability.

  • Educational Video - Running

  • Week 3 - Legs

    Strengthen your gluteals and test your balance in this weeks mat workout including lots of standing and functional exercises. It will leave your legs and gluteal muscles feeling well worked!

  • Week 4 - Abdominals

    In week 4 we build on the strength gained over the last few weeks, giving you the option to make gentle progressions, to assist our post-pregnancy recovery and feel stronger through our core.

  • Educational Video - Wrist Injuries

  • Week 4 - Legs

    This week class targets the whole body, especially the legs in a short amount of time. This class will give you the boost you need for the rest of your day!

  • Educational Video - Sore Back

  • Week 4 - Arms

    Find the balance within your body in this full body workout that will not only help build strong and toned arms but firmer and stronger legs. This class will make you feel vibrant and help give you more energy!

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