Pre & Postnatal

Pre & Postnatal

Lower and safe classes designed by our physiotherapists and safe for pregnant women or new mum.

Pre & Postnatal
  • Prenatal Workout

    Our women's health physiotherapist Courtney has created a safe prenatal workout that you will be able to do at every stage of your pregnancy.

  • Additional Stretching Class

    This is a 16-minute stretch class for your back, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings if you are needing a little more release after your workouts.

  • Postnatal - When should I go back to exercise?

    Are you wandering when you should/can go back to exercise after giving birth? Our Women's Health physiotherapist, Lydia, tell you everything.

  • Prenatal Workout

    This prenatal workout is specially designed by physiotherapist Aga for our pregnant clients and is totally safe to do at any stage of your pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Workout with a Swiss ball

    Courtney, physiotherapist, will guide you through a complete prenatal workout with a Swiss Ball. You can do this class at any stage of your pregnancy.

  • Educational Video - Sore Back

  • Stretching Class

    Enjoy 10 minutes of deep stretch with Physiotherapist Aga. You can do this class after any of your workouts, after a long day sitting at a desk or just when you feel sore. In this video, Agnieszka will guide you through some stretches to help you release the tension in your legs, hips and lower b...

  • Week 1 - Abdominals

    This first class is about discovering and reconnecting with your body again after pregnancy. The exercises are designed to provide the appropriate challenge while maintaining safety. The class addresses how to begin to use and restrengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after the stresses...

  • Week 1 - Legs

    In this class, we begin to work on the stability of our hips and pelvis by strengthening our gluteals and core whilst also stretching out our legs. Most of the class is lying on the mat in a supported position.

  • Week 1 - Arms

    In our first class focusing on the arms, we practise exercises that help stretch out the chest and back and strengthen the postural muscles to help with back pain. It will leave you feeling fabulous!