Why you should do Pilates after having a baby

Postnatal pilates

Presumably, you have already experienced one of the wonders of being a woman: giving birth to your child. Now reward yourself with a gift that will help you cope with the state of your body and your new life. Our 4-week Postnatal Pilates program will help you address your physical postpartum predicament and enjoy your baby y showing you how to appreciate and accept your new body and self. With Pilates, you can regain your strength and your pre-pregnancy body, even improve it.

Why is Pilates better than anything else to help build the strength mothers need rather than go to the gym, hire a trainer, or go back to your pre-pregnancy routine? This is why: it works! Pilates meets the postpartum body reshaping challenge head-on.


With our 4-week Postnatal Pilates program, you will:

– recover from the physical pain and strain of childbirth

– get rid of your post-pregnancy belly and added weight

– become more toned and fit than were before you had your baby

– build physical strength and mental stamina

– gain vital energy you will need to keep up with your new little one

– change the way you stand, sit, sleep, enjoy sex, walk and carry things, all the while protecting you from injuring your already weary body.


The 4-week Postnatal pilates program that we have developed will take you through 12 Pilates classes and 8 Educational videos presented by Woman’s health Physiotherapist Lydia McTamney. You will have access to a full Nutrition guide developed by the Cultured Nutritionist. 10 weeks access to the program is provided in order to allow you to progress at your own rhythm.

Strat today and receive access to all the tools and resources you need to incorporate Pilates and nutrition into your new lifestyle. 

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