Pilates – What’s all the fuss about?

Pilates fuss

There are two kinds of people – those who are head-over-heels in love with Pilates and those who have never stepped foot in a Pilates studio. Are you the latter and need some convincing?


Here are some reasons behind the Pilates fuss. Careful, it might become your new favourite way to workout:

  • Pilates provides a full-body workout

    It focuses on the core muscles, while training the entire body as an integrated system. The workouts include exercises that improve strength and balanced muscle development, flexibility and increased range of motion.

  • Pilates sessions are tailored to individual needs

    Pilates is for everyone, including elite athletes, the injured, seniors, pregnant women and everyone in-between. There are literally hundreds of exercises, with modifications that can be made to suit each client.

  • It lengthens the spine and improves posture

    Poor posture creates a string of structural changes throughout the body that can result in pain and imbalance in the shoulders, neck and head as well as the tilt of the pelvis or a shift of the hips, adding pressure to muscles and joints. This, in turn, may cause migraines, neck, lower back, hip, knee and foot pain. The good news is: Pilates can combat all of these things!

  • Pilates heals and prevents back injuries

    Doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists recommend Pilates for back pain. Lasting improvements come with regular exercises that stretch and lengthen the spine, loosen up tight hip muscles and strengthen the abdominals.

  • Muscular balance

    Muscular imbalance can lead to problems, and action is required to address it. To provide an example, a golfer will repeatedly bend over a ball and twist in one direction. This overuse of the same muscles creates imbalance in the shoulders, neck, hips and feet, but the most vulnerable is the lumbar spine (low back). Pilates works to restore balance and realign the body.

  • Core strength

    If the trunk of a tree is not strong, what use are its branches? We can train our arms and legs to be strong with weight training, but with Pilates, you are never working just one muscle. It’s a whole-of-body workout.  Why not get more results in half the time?

  • It will change your body!

    Pilates creates long, lean, strong muscles. Just because it’s low-impact doesn’t mean it’s easy. Once you have the routine down, expect to work up a light sweat. The formula for weight loss remains the same: burn more calories than you consume. Because Pilates provides a full-body workout, it will help you do just that!

  • Mind and body connection

    Joseph Pilates, who created the Pilates method, would tell his students that his method focused on “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”.

  • Improves balance and circulation

    Strengthening the core and working one limb at a time will improve balance, and certain exercises can enhance coordination.  The classic “Hundred” exercise is meant to get the blood circulating and act like a “rain shower” inside your body.


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