Pilates is life changing

pilates is life changing

People who are unfamiliar with Pilates often view it as just another form of exercise, like going for a run, attending the gym, playing golf or tennis, or swimming laps. These people often feel they are active enough and don’t consider Pilates to be potentially beneficial. However, Pilates is more than an exercise, and it is highly beneficial in enhancing performance in other sports or activities.

After 23 years away from horse riding, I recently started riding again. I have been practising Pilates for 15 years, frequently up to 5 times a week. While I found returning to riding challenging on my fitness, I was surprised by how easily I found my balance in the saddle again and how quickly I managed the coordination required to control the horse.  My riding instructor frequently comments on how much easier I manage because of the work I have done on my posture, balance and coordination. I can confidently say that all of this is because of my work in Pilates.

life changing

A friend of mine, who is an exercise physiologist, has noticed that clients who have been practising Pilates typically have better technique, body awareness and posture when it comes to lifting weights.

My Dad had been playing golf for 40 years, and after many years of me singing the praises of Pilates, he decided to give it a try. Within a month of starting Pilates he commented that he was hitting the ball 10 metres further (though not necessarily straighter). Dad also found he had better endurance and was managing to go on golf trips and play daily without experiencing as much fatigue and muscle soreness. Needless to say, he now does Pilates 2-3 times a week.

Rather than thinking of Pilates as an exercise, and not having time to do it because of all your other activities, you should consider how much easier and more effective it will make all your other activities. Whether they be horse riding, lifting weights, playing golf, lifting your baby or just how your body moves in daily life.




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written by Susan Cottrell

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