The Oov – improve your m’oov’ement


Make Pilates better with the Oov! Move like never before by learning how to use this oddly-shaped device.




It is often true that one Pilates item of equipment/apparatus does not work for everyone, but this strange-looking object seems to have the ability to help everyone feel great if used correctly.



The underlying principles of the Oov are to:


? Provide functional movement training

? Develop stability in the pelvis and deep “core” muscles, with joint mobility where needed (e.g. shoulders and hips)

? Improve motor control

? Establish endurance

? Refine balance


None of these principles are new to a Pilates instructor, so what makes the Oov different?


? The exercises performed on an Oov are carried out slowly (almost meditatively), in time with deep diaphragmatic breathing, and with control. Once control is established, it is then possible to speed up the movements. To paraphrase Daniel Vladeta, the creator of Oov, “you need to earn the right to move”.

? Training on the Oov also requires being attentive to feedback from using the device.  If you use it with inefficient motor control, you will likely fall off. However, if you use it with fluid control then, over time, strength will be developed.

? Exercises on the oov focus on using eccentric contractions to keep movements slow and smooth.  The Oov “allows for kinetic chain sequencing to improve”, and “increases cross bridge connection between muscle fibers thereby increasing strength, activates the deep muscles, stimulates the low threshold slow twitch fibers building stamina, lengthens the fascia due to long, slow and sustained load”.

While doing the initial release work, you will notice a change in the posture of your lower back. Your spine will decompress and pressure will be relieved. During extension work, your diaphragm movement will be amplified, and you’ll feel your ribs expand.

The Oov may quickly become one of your favourite items of apparatus, as it has for so many people who try it. Don’t wait – get one today and start Ooving!


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