Mermaid – A must have exercise for your workout routine

mermaid pilates exercise

The Pilates exercise, MERMAID, improves spine length and mobility. It is a beautiful exercise to develop the coordination of movement in both lateral flexion (side bend) and thoracic rotation (upper back rotation) whilst keeping the pelvis steady, and developing core control.

Keep an eye out for the following common slip-ups: elevation (lift) of the shoulders; loss of elongation (length) in the spine; and movement of the pelvis. Allow the breath to facilitate the stabilisation of the pelvis by exhaling to move into the side bend. If you have tight hips you may wish to prop yourself up on a cushion or rolled up mat to level out the pelvis.

This exercise is not recommended for those with osteoporosis, knee pathologies or for those who feel uncomfortable with lateral flexion or thoracic rotation. Modifications for the mermaid can be made to accommodate some of these pathologies.

Mermaid is just one of the many Pilates exercises that you can master using our online programs.




Exercise Benefits:

  • Axial elongation
  • Improve spinal and rib mobility into lateral flexion
  • Improve shoulder alignment and awareness
  • Improve hip mobility
  • Improve postural awareness

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