Leg Circles

leg circles

The exercise “Leg Circles” improves hip mobility while increasing pelvic stability and control. Throughout the movement keep engaged through the abdominals to ensure neutral spine is maintained. The pelvis and shoulders remain still and the leg on the mat should be straight and actively engaged.

Aim to make the circles as smooth and as even as possible, creating a fluid, circling feeling of the femoral head inside the hip socket. This exercise is not suitable for those with any hip pathology or osteoporosis, and is not suitable for pregnant women. Great care should be taken by anyone with lumbar spine instability or those who are sensitive to doing exercises that involve an extension.

This exercise has so many movement benefits for the body, as hip mobility and pelvic stability is constantly repeated through everyday functional movements. We would love to teach you this exercise! Join our online Pilates programs.


Leg Circles Leg Circles.

Leg Circles


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