Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes

Specially designed workouts for complete body mobilisation – no one day will be the same! Taught by inspirational Pilates instructors and knowledgeable physiotherapists, our team will get your body moving.

Intermediate Classes
  • Re-invert yourself

    Inversions will change your perspective….quite literally! Take your heart above your pelvis to feel the benefits of inverting the body. Reduce your stress, improve your focus, balance, brain function, core strength, joint health, posture and improve your lymphatic system.

  • Sling it good

    Lydia McTamney, physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, will guide you through a fast-paced, challenging workout that will challenge your mind, body and ‘slings’.
    The workout will create a balance between the front of the body (anterior) and back of the body (posterior) as you learn how to activ...

  • The fab five

    This workout will introduce you to what Pilates instructors refer to as the ‘Fab Five’. Simply put, a series of five strong abdominal exercises performed back to back. You will definitely feel the rewarding abdominal burn you’ll be familiar with by now!

  • The Makarlu - Balance

    This program is appropriate for different levels from experienced runners to people with neurological conditions. In this class, it is important that you choose a sturdy railing or bench to hold onto as you spend a lot of time in standing position and if you are uncertain of your stability it is ...

  • The Makarlu - Series for Athletes & Runners

    In this video, we use Makarlu to facilitate important muscle activations and release necessary for runners. The program is appropriate for athletes and all levels of runners wanting to improve stride length and power, particularly in the hamstrings.

    This series works well with the Makarlu lower...

  • The Makarlu - Upper Body

    The purpose of this session is to work on building shoulder girdle strength and stability. Whilst still focussing on rib mobility and wrist.

    Before starting any Makarlu classes, we strongly recommend watching the short, 2-minute, introduction video.

  • Towel workout

    Use a towel as an extension of your body. Learn to work the arms in relation to your back muscles, strengthen and stretch the sides of your body through lateral flexion and rotation of the spine.

    Pay attention to the breath with the movement, the alignment of the body, and the increased mobility...

  • Upper-Body Resistance Class

    The upper-body strength exercises are paired together in Supersets. Work through 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions at a weight that is challenging but achievable without losing good technique. No weight at home? Just use a vegetable can or a bottle of water.

  • Warm-up your running - Level 2

    A more intense set of coordination and timing based exercises designed to get you warmed up quickly and improve your running technique!

  • Workout with a Pilates ball

    A complete workout with the Pilates ball to challenge your core and mobility.

  • Workout with a vegetable tin

    This class will introduce the idea of adding a small amount of resistance to a Pilates class using two tins of vegetables, approximately 500g. Doesn’t sound like much right? Just you wait!