Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes

Specially designed workouts for complete body mobilisation – no one day will be the same! Taught by inspirational Pilates instructors and knowledgeable physiotherapists, our team will get your body moving.

Intermediate Classes
  • Tabata

    Join Emma for a quick cardio session. Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest x8. Just four simple exercises to get your heart rate up.⁠

  • Pilates Overball

    Join Emma for a fun workout using the pilates ball. Perfect if you are short on time but want a full-body workout to test your strength and stability.
    Equipment: Pilates ball

  • The Countdown

    Give yourself 15 mins today to move your body. This workout is quick but you will work hard - a great one to fit in at any point of the day. Targeting all main muscle groups. Get ready to sweat!
    No Equipment is needed.

  • No Reformer, No Problem

    Feel like a reformer workout but don’t have a reformer? Join Emma for a fun mat class that incorporates reformer exercises on the mat.
    Equipment: Hand weights.

  • Sweat With Me

    Feeling a bit sluggish or tired today? Join Gina in this great workout to do before work. A class that will make you feel energized - moving through mainly lower body movements. ⁠

    Equipment: Loop band/Theraband⁠

  • Some Fun at the Barre

    Join Courtney at the barre for a fun 25 minutes Cardio class.
    Equipment required: Hand weights

  • Intermediate Swiss Ball

    A short swiss ball workout for those who want the challenge. Work on stability/balance and core/upper body strength.
    Intermediate/advanced class. Please note lots of weight-bearing through wrists.
    Equipment required: Swiss ball

  • Short Barre Class

    Join Jenaye for a fast-paced barre class that is sure to get your heart rate up. Equipment required: chair/small pilates ball or cushion.

  • Pilates & HIIT Fusion Workout

    Join Tina for a high-intensity Pilates/strength workout. Challenge your strength and endurance whilst getting your heart rate up.
    Intermediate. No equipment is required.

  • Upper Body Theraband Workout

    Join Emma for a short upper body-focused workout using the theraband. Challenge your posture muscles as well as shoulder strength and mobility.

  • Short Abdominal Workout

    Join Emma for a short/sharp workout focusing on the abdominals. Combine with another one of our short videos for a complete workout or as a stand-alone if you are short on time or just feel like an ab challenge.

    No equipment is required.

  • Lower-Body Standing Class

    Join Emma for a quick lower body session to challenge your strength, balance and stability. No equipment is required.

  • Short Upper Body Workout

    Sculpt your arms and shoulders with this short 6 minutes upper body workout. You can do this class as many times as you like or per it with one of our short legs or/and abs classes to create a full-body workout.

  • Theraband Workout

    Join Instructor Karlie for a resistance workout using the theraband. This class has a focus on legs and upper body along with some balance and coordination work to challenge the muscles and mind.

  • Anatomy workout

    To practice Pilates, you do not require a strong knowledge of anatomy however understanding anatomy will give you a depth understanding of your body and how the Pilates method benefits it.
    You will be introduced to many anatomical terms that relate directly to specific movement patterns the exer...

  • Foam Roller Workout - Online platform

    This 25 minutes Foam roller class is more challenging for your co-ordination and a great workout for your abs, obliques and legs. A playful Mat experience using the roller in unique ways!
    You will need: a Mat and Long Foam roller.

  • Plank it out

    Did somebody say plank? Feel your abdominals, obliques, inner thighs and glutes activate through this powerful series of planks.

  • Awaken your body

    Focus on balance, precision, stability, and challenge not only your stamina but your mind with this challenging workout. Enjoy some delicious pulsing with variations of kneeling side kicks, leg pulls front, and leg pulls as you work your way into a wonderful energy flow. Natasha’s infectious ener...

  • Feel the rhythm

    It’s Pilates as you know it, only to the rhythm and beat of the uplifting music. Let the music take you through this heart pumping, fastpaced workout that will make you break a sweat.

  • HIIT Workout

    Full Body workout with Pilates-inspired exercises to improve your anaerobic fitness. This workout consists of 40-second bouts of high-intensity exercise (work hard) followed by 20 seconds of rest (catch your breath) for 10 minutes. As your fitness improves try doing the workout twice through!

  • Classical Pilates

    Feel invigorated and powerful with the classic sequence of mat Pilates, the most traditional representation of mat Pilates you will find. With order and intention, this workout sticks to what Joseph Pilates originally created himself. Exercise to your fullest potential, increasing your stamina an...

  • Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to move

    This class is perfect to become centred through body awareness in order to find that extra challenge for your body as you move through advanced exercises.

  • Feel the burn

    Bump up the intensity, bump up the power and bump up the excitement. This workout will increase your heart rate while staying true to the traditional Pilates Method.
    Estee Roode will stimulate you both physically and mentally as she takes you through a pyramid style of repetitions within each ex...

  • Feel the burn

    This workout will increase your heart rate while staying true to the traditional Pilates Method.
    Estee Roode will stimulate you both physically and mentally as she takes you through a pyramid style of repetitions within each exercise.