Luíseach Walsh is an Irish physiotherapist and Pilates instructor who is a valued part of the The Body Refinery Online. She has a loyal client following of both her online classes as well as in the in the Brisbane physiotherapy practise she works at.

She has had a keen interest in human movement and injury prevention for many years which led her complete a Bachelor of Science in Injury Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy in 2011. Luíseach completed her Masters degree in Physiotherapy from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2015.

The beauty and skill of her instructing will leave you feeling invigorated yet sufficiently challenged.

Luíseach has many years of injury prevention and rehabilitation experience from working with occupational and sport injuries through Gaelic sport and Rugby clubs in Ireland. Her main interests are based around injury prevention and rehabilitation through movement and she swears by Pilates for its benefits.

Luíseach has suffered back pain from scoliosis for many years and found she greatly benefited from pilates in alleviating her pain and improving her posture. She completed her pilates training through STOTT in 2011. She is also trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Dry Needling. In 2016, she completed her training in PD Warrior and Runity and is enjoying sharing her skills with both the parkinson’s disease population and the running population.

Her online classes have a strong educational base which comes from her deep knowledge of the the human body. She will challenge you sufficiently while providing a deeper understanding of your body and how it functions, or should function optimally. You are bound to have a few ‘light bulb’ moments during her workouts.





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