Keely found the Pilates method whilst she was training as a contemporary dancer in London, UK. She attended classes at the Alan Herdman Studio regularly as a requirement of her dance school training. Adding Pilates to her training regime resulted in a significant improvement to her dance technique. This marked the starting point of Keely’s love for Pilates.

Keely moved from the dance industry to the fitness industry in 1997 and began running and rowing at a competitive level. All the while she continue to included Pilates in her training schedule to ensure her body strong, mobile and able to move with ease. Pilates gives Keely a real understanding of where her body is at and allows her to find the perfect balance in her training.

“I love teaching, I love getting people to move and I love seeing the changes in people’s bodies over time. Mentoring new teachers is also one of the great parts of my job, I learn so much from them and it’s great to be part of the education process.”

In 2001, Keely decided to become a Pilates instructor and started her training with Body Control Pilates, UK. Through the process, she not only learnt more about the Pilates method, she was able to learn how to pass this knowledge onto others. She continued her Pilates Instructor training when she moved to Australia in 2004, with Polestar Pilates. Her love for teaching has resulted in her becoming a Polestar Pilates Mentor for Polestar Pilates students.

Keely’s diverse background in movement, from dance, running, rowing and triathlons, makes her an incredible instructor. Her knowledge of the body and the way it moves shines through in her exercise sequencing and descriptions of movement. We encourage you to take some of Keely’s classes, your brain will be stimulated as much as your body.





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