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exercise home

Pilates is one of the most complete types of exercise because of its focus on building core strength and flexibility. Our programs have been developed to make the highest quality Pilates accessible to all, to promote healthy movement and optimal health. With basic materials such as a mat and a Thera-band, you can explore a large range of exercises.

When looking to increase the intensity of your workout, you don’t need to buy expensive accessories. There are plenty of items that you can find around your home to give you that extra intensity. Here’re our top 5 items you can use from your home to add a bit more of a challenge to your home Pilates session or general workout:

  1. A Bottle of Water or a Tin of Vegetables.

  • Whether for your abdominals or the upper body (arms, shoulders or back) a simple bottle of water, or two, can be an ideal substitute for a set of weights.
  • A 1.5 litre bottle of water weighs 1.5kgs, and for most exercises, this is enough to get a great burn in your arms or increase your abdominal workout.
  • A tin of vegetables can also stand in as light dumbells if in need. A few of the classes in our 8 week program use tins of vegetables to ensure you get a full body workout.


  1. A Chair

  • With a simple chair, you can probably do more exercises than you think. You can perform inclined push-ups (two chairs, one for each arm), as well as install a bar between the same two chairs to perform tractions. These exercises can make you work your shoulders, pecs, biceps, etc.
  • Tricep dips on the chair will help tone the back of the arm.
  • Standing balance exercises and many barre exercises that are currently very popular can also be done using a chair – check out our 8 week program for a few of the classes using a chair to get a really good workout.
exercise home
  1. A Staircase

  • A staircase be utilised to mobilise your glutes, legs muscles and cardio. Climb up and down the steps for 5 minutes while accelerating the rhythm, and you will see the benefits of this exercise on your body. This is a simple exercise to increase your heart rate and work your thighs.
  • Stand on the edge of a step on your tiptoes and lower your heels as far as you can. Then slowly raise up as high as you can and repeat – this will soon give your calves added definition.


  1. A Broom stick

  • A broom can be a great way to increase the intensity of your rotations and thus strengthening your obliques, and shape your waist.
  • While seated, hold the broom behind your shoulder and grow as tall as you can then twist to the right side and back to the centre, then twist to the left and back to the centre. Ensure your movement is smooth and controlled.
  • Reaching the broom stick over head and side bending is also a great way to stretch the side of your side and increase the intensity by having arms pushing the broom stick away.
exercise home
  1. The Wall

  • Using a wall is a great way to ensure that you have good posture while working hard.
  • Often called the chair exercise, place your back flat against the wall and bend your knees until they are parallel to the floor. Try to hold the seated position for a minute or longer.  This pose will strengthen your legs, especially your quads.
  • Using the wall like this with a ball in the small of you back you can replicate your Pilates footwork series in a vertical position.


These few tips show that you can take easily care of your body at home. Our 8 week program is specifically designed with a combination of mat Pilates, cardio, nutrition and education, to guide your journey to optimal health and wellbeing from the comfort of your home.

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