Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Short educational seminars to watch any time. Achieve your goals faster by better understanding your body and the Pilates method.

Educational Videos
  • 6 principals of Pilates

    Learn the six basic principles, which form the basis of the Pilates method. An understanding of these principles will refine your movement and enhance your practice.

  • Axial Elongation and Core Control

    Lydia intelligently discusses the concept of core control and axial elongation. She simply explains what it means when successfully performed in your body and the benefits it provides. She relates this to the Pilates method and why Joseph Pilates created these key principles. We are fortunate eno...

  • Cardio

    Richard starts by explaining exactly what cardio means and how you either love it or hate it. He talks about the different types of cardio that you can do to improve your fitness and what what energy systems they use. You will be educated on all things cardio and learn just how technical it can b...

  • Sitting

    How does prolonged sitting affect your body and what is the proper sitting posture?

  • Anteria and Posteria slings

    Physiotherapist, Agnieszka Biniek, discusses the complex muscular system that makes up slings or ‘groups of muscles’ in the body. She demonstrates these by using a skeleton and therabands in order to give a visual demonstration to her clear description. She discusses the pain or injuries that can...

  • Dynamic Postural Alignment

    What is dynamic postural alignment? We are fortunate to have Lydia McTamney share her knowledge on what dynamic postural alignment is. She has had many years of experience in teaching this concept to her clients and is skilled in her explanation. She shares exactly why it is so difficult to find ...

  • Head, Neck & Shoulder

    This Pilates principle is a key element in achieving good posture. Poor alignment of the head, neck and shoulders can have a significant effect postural line by adding unnecessary load to the spine.

  • Fascia

    The fascial system is somewhat complicated - it is said to be the ‘organ of communication’. Lydia McTamney gives us a brief insight into the nature of the organ and how we can make positive changes through performing Pilates exercises.

  • Foot Health

    Have you ever considered the health of your foot?! Susan Cottrell, physiotherapist and PIlates instructor, has a special interest in keeping feet healthy and the significant impact your feet can have on your body if you don’t give them the TLC they deserve. Learn some theory about the feet then p...

  • Hip Disassociation

    Hip disassociation is a principle in the Pilates method that is prevalent in almost every single exercise you will do in this 8 week program and as you continue on to practise Pilates. Learning a little more about this principle will help you further understand the Pilates method and how it benef...

  • Ideal Posture Alignment

    In this video, you will learn about proper alignment of the body’s segments to reduce muscle tension and minimize the stress placed on the joints.

  • Mindfulness

    Richard discusses the concept of stress - ‘the silent killer’. He gives some insight into how using different mindfulness techniques can help manage the effects of stress and improve our outlook on life. He also discusses some great techniques to use when you feel stressed or simply need a quick ...

  • Pain, movement and exercises

    Why are movement and exercise so important for pain management and overall health?

  • Inversions

    You may have heard the word ‘inversion’ already, but what exactly is an inversion? Agnieszka Biniek explains what an inversion is and the different positions your body is in when it is inverted. There are many benefits to being inverted, which is why you will so often see Pilates exercises that i...

  • Nutrition

    Richard discusses the key to optimal nutrition and gives some tips and tricks on how to achieve it. Take some time to really listen, take notes and actively use this information on your journey to wellness.

  • Pelvic floor

    Physiotherapist and women’s health specialist, Lydia McTamney, talks about the pelvic floor. She uses a model of a pelvis to give both a verbal and visual explanation of what the pelvic floor is, where it is located, why it is important to strengthen it and what happens when it is weak. You are b...

  • Pilates for low back pain

    Learn why Pilates is effective in reducing pain and improving function in individuals with low back pain.

  • Postnatal - When should I go back to exercise?

    Are you wandering when you should/can go back to exercise after giving birth? Our Women's Health physiotherapist, Lydia, tell you everything.

  • Safe Lifting

    Guidelines on safe lifting, to prevent injury and avoid low back pain.

  • Sitting is the new smoking

    Did you know that the average Australian spends 14 hours a day sitting down?! You may already know that sitting still for long periods of time is not good for your body, but you may not realise just how much damage you're doing to your body by staying still. Susan discusses the concept of ‘sittin...

  • Spinal articulation

    Lydia McTamney discusses the factors that inhibit spinal articulation and the injuries or pain that can occur as a result. Gain insight into how you can improve your spinal articulation.

  • The Importance of breathing

    Learn about the importance of breathing and why it forms an integral part of each and every Pilates exercise. At the end of the video, Aga will demonstrate the correct breathing movement.

  • Upper and lower limb weight bearing

    Improving the body's functionality is the main reason for teaching and practising weight bearing on the upper and lower extremities. At the end of the video, she will teach some exercises to improve the mobility of your wrists.

  • What is Pilates

    Many people don’t realize that the Pilates method has been around for 100 years and is named after a man called Joseph Pilates. He was ahead of his time in understanding movement and wellness. Susan discusses the Pilates method and how it is so much more than just an exercise system.