Clinical Rehab Classes

Clinical Rehab Classes

Clinical Rehab Classes
  • Glutes activation for Bursitis / Tendonopathy

    Join Physiotherapist Kristen for a lesson on how to correctly activate your glutes if suffering from Trochanteric bursitis or gluteal tendinopathy.

    Equipment needed: yoga strap or belt, foam roller, bolster, or pillow.

  • Warm-up your running - Level 2

    A more intense set of coordination and timing based exercises designed to get you warmed up quickly and improve your running technique!

  • Warm-up your running - Level 1

    A class designed to mobilise and strengthen the body to get you ready to run. The basics of technique, alignment and tempo are introduced to help your running form.

  • Return To Sport - Hip/Low Back Pain Injury

    Join Physiotherapist Rodney for the second part of his low back/hip injury video where he will take you through the exercises for rehabilitation in order to get back to playing your favourite sport/activity.

  • Return To Sport - Foam Roller Release

    Join Physiotherapist Rodney to release leg muscles following a hip or low back injury to get you back to playing your favourite sport.
    Equipment: foam roller

  • Pilates for low back pain

    Pilates is effective in reducing pain and improving function in individuals with low back pain. Learn how to find the neutral position of your spine and pelvis, and how to activate your pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles.