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The exercise, Bridging, practises spinal articulation into flexion. During the spinal movement, the glutes and abdominals require activation to create stability of the pelvis.


Description of the exercise

Start by lying on your back, with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.  The movement starts by rolling the pelvis towards you creating a posterior tilt, by engaging the lower abdominals. The movement continues in this nature by rolling one vertebra up at a time (in sequence) off the floor. When you reach the top, be conscious not to flare the rib cage, and let the lift happen from the control and power of the glute muscles. Start the roll down by feeling the breastbone sink to the mat and continue placing one vertebra at a time on the mat, finishing off with the tailbone. Make sure the pelvis comes back into a neutral position at the end of the movement.

Throughout the whole movement ensure both feet are grounded, with an even weight distribution through the sole of each foot. Let your breathing pattern facilitate the movement by exhaling during the spinal articulating. The exhale will encourage your abdominals to engage to create stability for the pelvis. If you have any disc/spinal pathology please seek professional advice before performing this exercise.

We love Bridging, and you are sure to experience the benefits regularly in your Pilates classes. There are many variations of this exercise that can increase or decrease the challenge. Watch the video ‘Learn Your Repertoire – Bridging’ below:



Exercise Benefits:

  • Improve spine and rib mobility
  • Improve spine articulation
  • Build abdominal, glute max and hamstring strength
  • Enhance axial elongation
  • Increase hip flexor length


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