Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes

Beginner workout doesn't mean easy. Specially designed workouts with easier exercises for complete body mobilisation. Some classes are also shorter for when you don't have too much time but still want to move!

Beginner Classes
  • The Makarlu - Psoas Release

    This class is ideal for all levels and great for runners as well as cyclists and people who sit just a little too much. It is a good series to do in addition to the 'Series for Athletes and Runners' class.

    Before starting any Makarlu classes, we strongly recommend watching the short, 2-minute,...

  • The Makarlu - Reconnect with your feet

    This class is lovely for people with plantar fasciitis or other problems in working into your feet. It is also a great self-care program for runners and dancers and a nice way to manage your feet as we get older.

    Remember, to talk to your physiotherapist or podiatrist about any ongoing concerns...

  • The Makarlu - Series for Neurological Conditions

    A great series for people with Parkinson disease, MS or with spinal injury. The video includes 3 parts: Drop Foot, Balance & Stretch.

    As you will be using the Makarlu as a slider it is good to do this class on a carpet or rug. If you do not have these options, add a towel under the timber dome t...

  • The Makarlu - Shoulders

    In this class, we will be focussing on recovery from rotator cuff tears or shoulder range of motion problems.

    This program will be recommended by your physiotherapist as part of an introduction to shoulder strength program. It is important to make sure that you are carefully following the physi...

  • The Makarlu - Stretch Class

    Learn some great Makarlu exercises to stretch your body.

    Before starting any Makarlu classes, we strongly recommend watching the short, 2-minute, introduction video.

  • Warm-up your running - Level 1

    A class designed to mobilise and strengthen the body to get you ready to run. The basics of technique, alignment and tempo are introduced to help your running form.

  • Work on your balance

    It is time to tune into your balance, to find your centre. Take this class as an opportunity to work and find your centre, or even better, find your imbalances!

    Remember, to be balanced, you need to know where you’re imbalanced.

  • Your first Mat class

    Lydia McTamney will move you through a series of basic mat Pilates exercises which can be reviewed at any stage.

    During the class, you will understand that cueing is the essence of Pilates instruction and can change the way your body feels and moves. This class is the beginning to develop a con...