Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes

Beginner workout doesn't mean easy. Specially designed workouts with easier exercises for complete body mobilisation. Some classes are also shorter for when you don't have too much time but still want to move!

Beginner Classes
  • Short Abdominal Workout

    Join Emma for a short/sharp workout focusing on the abdominals. Combine with another one of our short videos for a complete workout or as a stand-alone if you are short on time or just feel like an ab challenge.

    No equipment is required.

  • Lower-Body Standing Class

    Join Emma for a quick lower body session to challenge your strength, balance and stability. No equipment is required.

  • Morven's Stretch and Release Mat class

    Join Morven for a wonderfully relaxing mat class that will alleviate your tight muscles and any aches/pains. This workout would be fabulous after a long day sitting at a desk or driving, or if you just need a relaxing movement session.

    Equipment required: Mat and Theraband or large towel.

  • Short Upper Body Workout

    Sculpt your arms and shoulders with this short 6 minutes upper body workout. You can do this class as many times as you like or per it with one of our short legs or/and abs classes to create a full-body workout.

  • Lower Body Workout

    A 12-minute lower body workout to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and quads. This will be sure to leave you feeling the burn for days. Do it alone or combined with one of our other short videos for a complete workout. No equipment is required.

  • Prenatal Workout

    Our women's health physiotherapist Courtney has created a safe prenatal workout that you will be able to do at every stage of your pregnancy.

  • Additional Stretching Class

    This is a 16-minute stretch class for your back, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings if you are needing a little more release after your workouts.

  • 5 Actions of the spine

    Develop your mobility, function and expressivity of your spine during this flowing workout. This class is centred around the five actions of your spine; forward flexion, lateral flexion, extension, rotation, and circumduction. Your spine will be longer, more supple and incredibly agile.

  • Awaken your internal energy

    This Pilates class will stimulate your emotional and psychological well being and awaken your internal energy and nervous system.
    Kellie will let you tune into the type of movement that really makes you feel alive and you will use this to express your emotions through each precise movement. If al...

  • Back to the Barre

    This is a workout specifically choreographed to music that will definitely get your heart pumping and your body shaking! Who knew a workout performed standing, with a chair, could be so challenging!

  • Basic back care

    A gentle class for back care, moving meditation, or perfect for stretching out after a long drive or long haul flight. Pump up the discs in your spine by gently moving in all directions. Sooz will take you carefully through a 30 min class that will leave you feeling light, long and leave you wit...

  • Foam Roller Fundamentals - Online platform

    Basic movements on a foam roller for those who have been sitting or standing too much or to help progress you for the intermediate/advanced classes. You will feel more connected to your body after this short workout.
    You will need: Mat, long Foam roller and Hand weights or Theraband.

  • Breathe through flexion and extension

    Learn how to move your body in flexion and extension, and why breathe is so important to facilitate the direction of movement. While still working your body hard, this class is incredibly educational and technical. Developing the breath in this way will let you feel the beauty that freeness of mo...

  • Breathing - if in doubt breath-out

    Challenge the way you naturally breathe by learning the three major types of Pilates breathing pattern styles; diaphragmatic breathing, lateral basal expansion and accessory breathing.
    Learning how to breathe efficiently will not only help you achieve your movement goals but it will help you mana...

  • Connect to your breath

    Connect into your body through breath and muscle scanning. You will use the power of breath in order to draw your awareness into how each exercise ‘feels’ in your body. A concept that may be foreign but vital to achieving optimal health.

  • Deep Stretch

    It’s your time to breath, stretch and regroup. You will be focusing on stretching all the major muscle groups in the body and using the hold of each stretch to breath deeply in the body. This is the perfect class to reset and bring your attention into your body to harness your potential. Come bac...

  • First step at the barre

    Barre is one of the most popular fitness classes. It's great to lift the booty plus it helps tone and tighten legs! Skye is sharing some of her favorite barre exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime!

  • Mindful Movement

    Practising mindfulness by creating a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment will let you feel each movement in greater detail, creating a sense of your body you may not have felt before.

  • Pilates for low back pain

    Pilates is effective in reducing pain and improving function in individuals with low back pain. Learn how to find the neutral position of your spine and pelvis, and how to activate your pelvic floor and transverse abdominal muscles.

  • Foundational Mat

    Build a strong foundation and work your whole body with this beginner workout with Skye. If you are new to Pilates, travelling or just want to go back to basics after have some time away this is a perfect class for you.

  • Prenatal Workout

    This prenatal workout is specially designed by physiotherapist Aga for our pregnant clients and is totally safe to do at any stage of your pregnancy.

  • Psoas

    It is time to unlock the ‘muscle of the soul’, aka the Psoas, by finding release through awareness and use of the hips. The Psoas is located deep in your hip and is one of the largest muscles in the body. It is also the one we store the most stress or trauma which can have an extremely negative i...

  • Release your Psoas

    It is time to unlock the ‘muscle of the soul’, aka the Psoas, by finding release through awareness and use of the hips. The Psoas is located deep in your hip and is one of the largest muscles in the body. It is also the one we store the most stress or trauma which can have an extremely negative i...

  • Prenatal Workout with a Swiss ball

    Courtney, physiotherapist, will guide you through a complete prenatal workout with a Swiss Ball. You can do this class at any stage of your pregnancy.