Barre Inspired Classes

Barre Inspired Classes

Barre, a ballet-based dance workout, is anything but easy. This type of workout uses movements inspired by dance, Pilates, and yoga to work your muscles—particularly lower-body muscles in your calves and ankles—and challenge your cardiovascular endurance.

Barre Inspired Classes
  • Some Fun at the Barre

    Join Courtney at the barre for a fun 25 minutes Cardio class.
    Equipment required: Hand weights

  • Short Barre Class

    Join Jenaye for a fast-paced barre class that is sure to get your heart rate up. Equipment required: chair/small pilates ball or cushion.

  • Mat Barre fusion

    A combination of traditional Pilates, Ballet Barre workouts is our recipe for a happy body with beautiful movement!
    Prepare yourself to activate into your glutes, inner thighs and deeper abdominals through a flowing series of challenging Mat and Barre exercises, all to challenge both your mind a...

  • First step at the barre

    Barre is one of the most popular fitness classes. It's great to lift the booty plus it helps tone and tighten legs! Skye is sharing some of her favorite barre exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime!

  • Back to the Barre

    This is a workout specifically choreographed to music that will definitely get your heart pumping and your body shaking! Who knew a workout performed standing, with a chair, could be so challenging?
    The variation of tempo changes will increase the intensity of each movement to improve your stren...