Assisted Roll-Up

assisted roll-up

The ASSISTED ROLL-UP builds the strength, spinal movement, and body awareness that is required to successfully progress to the Roll-up. The movement starts by rolling the spine forward into a chest lift, then continuing to articulate until you’re in an upright position. The roll down starts with the lumbar spine rolling into flexion and continuing through the rest of the spine until lying flat.

The use of the arms behind of the legs is vital to create the connection between the latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior, in order to facilitate the engagement into the abdominals. Inhale into the side of the body to then engage through the abdominals on the exhale to facilitate the spinal articulation. Remember, only a curved line will roll evenly, so keep practising until you can evenly articulate both up and down.

Don’t allow the shoulders to lift during the movement, and go nice and slow to avoid using momentum instead of muscle control. The Assisted Roll-up is not suitable for people with any disc pathology, osteoporosis, or anyone who is pregnant. The Assisted Roll-up is a great way to learn how to articulate your spine into flexion. You will learn how to do this exercise in the beginning stages of your Pilates, and progress to use it to warm the body into movement.



Exercise Benefits:

    Spine articulation in flexion

  • Thoracic mobility in flexion
  • Abdominal and hip flexor control
  • Abdominal muscle strengthening
  • Neck and head alignment
  • Breath control

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