Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes

For those who want to challenge themselves. Specially designed workouts for complete body mobilisation. Taught by inspirational Pilates instructors and knowledgeable physiotherapists, our team will get your body moving.

Advanced Classes
  • Intermediate Swiss Ball

    A short swiss ball workout for those who want the challenge. Work on stability/balance and core/upper body strength.
    Intermediate/advanced class. Please note lots of weight-bearing through wrists.
    Equipment required: Swiss ball

  • Channel your inner athlete

    Channel your inner athlete from the start to finish of this powerful, athletic, core-dominant workout. You will empower both your body and mind and learn to channel this empowerment into achieving your goals.

    Enjoy moving your entire body through core dominant, functional movements that we all d...

  • Reformer on the Roller

    18 min class. Challenge your whole body with the Reformer style workout. Bringing you exercises like Stomach Massage, tendon stretch and Inverted V's. If you love moving on the reformer you will definitely enjoy this experience!

    You will need: Long foam roller, mat + possibly 2 yoga blocks.

  • Classical Pilates

    Feel invigorated and powerful with the classic sequence of mat Pilates, the most traditional representation of mat Pilates you will find. With order and intention, this workout sticks to what Joseph Pilates originally created himself. Exercise to your fullest potential, increasing your stamina an...

  • Feel the length

    Move through a traditional mat Pilates sequence of exercises while emphasising length in your body. Focus on a fluid breath to find that extra little bit of length in each movement as you challenge your body to be pushed that little bit further.

  • Kettlebell Workout

    Raise that heart rate with Natalie's Kettlebell workout.

  • Original Mat flow

    This workout follows the very strict classical Pilates guidelines and includes the purest form of the Pilates exercises that Joseph Pilates created himself. The movements are precise, accurate, fluid and somewhat faster than what you would expect.

  • Reformer on the mat

    Have you always wanted to use a Pilates Reformer? will feel like you’re using one in this mat Pilates workout as you make your glutes, hamstring and abdominals sing (or scream)!
    The fun and energetic class will continue to flow from one exercise to the next without too much thought of ...

  • Say Hello to your powerhouse

    Powerhouse? What is a powerhouse?! You are about to find out so get excited!

    We are about to step up the intensity and let your abdominals shake and burn. While feeling the burn you will learn which muscles are included in the powerhouse and why it is so important to have a balance of strength b...