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Educational Videos

You will have access to short educational seminars to watch any time on the Online Studio platform or during our specific programs. Achieve your goals faster by better understanding your body and the Pilates method. 

Daily Pilates Workouts

Specially designed workouts for complete body mobilisation – no one day will be the same! Taught by inspirational Pilates instructors and knowledgeable physiotherapists, our team will get your body moving.

Nutrition Guide

Fuel your body the right way. Enjoy nutritious, delicious recipes within a balanced meal plan. Our nutrition guides are available with certain programs and will help inspire you to ever-improving health.

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  • 5 Actions of the Spine

    Develop your mobility, function and expressivity of your spine during this flowing workout. This class ... is centred around the five actions of your spine; forward flexion, lateral flexion, extension, rotation, and circumduction. Luiseach Walsh seamlessly flows through all 5 movements with a series of intermediate Pilates exercises while explaining the theory behind each direction of movement. This is 45 minutes that not only move your body but teach you the importance of why spinal mobility is vital to optimal health. Your spine will be longer, more supple and incredibly agile. We are excited to get your spine moving!

  • Channel your Inner Athlete

    Channel your inner athlete from the start to finish of this powerful, athletic, core dominant workout. You will empower both your body and mind and learn ... to channel this empowerment into achieving your goals.
    Enjoy moving your entire body through core dominant, functional movements that we all do in everyday life. This workout will show you exactly how far your fitness and strength has come since starting this program. You will finish feeling proud, invigorated and inspired to continue on your wellness journey and you will look forward to continuing on the road to moving well.

  • Breathing - if in doubt, breathe out!

    Breathing is hard wired from birth, rhythmical and flowing. It is something that you can’t survive ... without. Challenge the way you naturally breathe by learning the three major types of Pilates breathing pattern styles; diaphragmatic breathing, lateral basal expansion and accessory breathing.
    Kellie Richardson shares how each type of breath can be used in different types of movements to help you move with greater flow and ease. Learning how to breathe efficiently will not only help you achieve your movement goals but it will help you manage the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

  • Mindful Movement

    In doing this workout you will become aware of your thoughts to develop the skill of selective ... focus. This will help you stay present while you are moving which will help you have a better movement experience. Practicing mindfulness by creating a non-judgmental awareness of the present moment will let you feel each movement in greater detail, creating a sense of your body you may not have felt before.
    Enjoy Estee Roode’s ability to create a beautiful mind, body connection through each movement instruction. Let her guide you through this unique journey.

  • Reformer on the Mat

    Have you always wanted to use a Pilates Reformer? will feel like you’re using one in this Mat ... Pilates workout as you make your glutes, hamstring and abdominals sing (or scream)!
    The faster tempo will jump your heart rate up and instantly warm you into the workout. You’ll use a slower tempo to regather your postural line, centre yourself with the power of breath and get ready to go again with the next set of ‘reformer’ exercises on the mat.
    The fun, energetic class will continue to flow from one exercise to the next without too much thought of exercise transition, so hold on just keep your body moving!

The Body Refinery Online was developed out of a desire to make the highest quality Pilates accessible to all to promote healthy movement and optimal health.

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The Body Refinery Online prides itself in providing the latest information and knowledge in convenient and affordable online packages. Our diverse team pull together to make the highest quality Pilates accessible to all. Anywhere, anytime.

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We have a team of practitioners who are like minded in promoting healthy movement and optimal wellbeing. Our diverse team, who come from all around the world, are knowledgeable, passionate and simply love what they do.

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Our membership will give you access to a large diversity of Pilates Workouts and Educational videos. Choose the level of intensity, the instructor, the type of workout and enjoy your class at home, on holiday or just when you can’t come to our studio.

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